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Jacob Kohlhepp currently works as an economic consultant in discrimination and wage and hour matters at Welch Consulting, and is the process of applying to PhD programs in public policy and economics. He maintains this blog as a way to express his opinions on public policy and political matters.

Jake has experience in political debate, economic policy analysis, political advocacy, and academic research. While at UCLA, Jake was president of the Bruin Republicans, and launched several advocacy initiatives in that capacity. He was also president of the UCLA Alumni Scholars Club. He worked at two think tanks while going to school, and his given him vast experience in statistical analysis and programming.

He has written for a few publications, including the Daily Bruin, The American Legislator,  The Washington Times, OpposingViews.com, and The CollegeFix, where he was a contributor for several years. His work has been referenced by major news agencies, most notably The Blaze, The O’Reilly Factor, Fox News, Fortune, and RealClear Policy. During the 2016 presidential primary, Jake discussed his take on the Republican candidates on CNN.

In his personal life, Jake enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wife, Cindy. They maintain a photo blog about their married life here: ourpolaroidjournal.com

Jacob also is available to give free presentations, talks, or participate in panels on topics ranging from the college political landscape to policy issues. He has experience speaking on panels and before a diverse range of audiences. To schedule or arrange for Jacob to speak, please fill out this form:

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